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What Skin Allergy Sufferers Say:

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Midas Petaluma

Just dropping you a note to say THANKS!!!!!!!! You saved my job.

After about 8 months of agony and seeing about three different skin specialists I was told to quit my job and change my profession (I am an auto technician). I had a skin infection that the doctor could not cure. I tried Gloves In A Bottle and got instant results. The burning of my skin stopped.

I now have been using this shielding lotion now for 1 month. My hands do not look like hamburger due to skin allergies anymore. My hands have completely healed up � no trace of skin allergies. This product is nothing short of a miracle.


I LOVE IT!!!!! I suffer (as well as my mom and 3 aunts) from skin allergies to soaps (for dishes and clothes). With mom and aunts we had visited at least 20 different doctors and tried ALL creams available, including some "home made" things. Well, nothing worked so far, till I found your shielding lotion product. I�m from Peru, and I want to send home as much as I can find, they going to love me! Not only helped me a lot with my skin allergies (now I'm able to do dishes without gloves) but it also restored my skin!

Georgia Pierre

Since 1969, my skin has been plagued with topical allergies in the form of an itchy rash (after ear-lobe piercing followed by implants of 18 carat gold posts). It started out with a reaction to gold, other metals and plastics. By 1973, I could not handle raw tomatoes or green pepper, or adhesive tapes. In 1993, the reaction was full blown, with my being unable to touch any fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, grass, and flowers without gloves.

Under dermatologists' care all this time, I finally had to resort to plastic gloves to cook in. I was allergic to the plastic, so wore white cotton gloves underneath. The problem with this was that my cooking would be interrupted every five to ten minutes so I could remove the gloves so I could cool off my hands to prevent the exacerbation of my latent eczema.

With passion, I love cooking and eating. With your Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion I can do things like hold a tomato, plum or peach with my bare hand, and hold it as I slice! I can fiddle around with all the chopping I want for Asian stir fries in half the time. I can go outside and caress a tree blossom, a rose. My gratitude is manifold.

Jennifer Johnson
Columbus, OH

Gloves In A Bottle has been such a God send for me. I have been diagnosed with skin allergies to Nickel Sulfate, Potassium Dichromate and Wool Alcohol. In other words, I am allergic to just about everything I touch, After years of suffering, countless dermatologists visits and prescriptions, I have found great relief with your shielding lotion.

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